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Goodwill Outlet Stores in Alabama

Goodwill Outlet Stores Alabama

7431 Airport Blvd
Mobile, AL 36608


  • 251-287-8415
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    • Agreed! We need a goodwill outlet in the greater Atlanta area. We are overflowing with goodwill retail stores, but could REALLY use a goodwill outlet.

      • by any chance have you visited this goodwill lately or have any new info on it? I live in Tuscaloosa and I don’t want to drive all the way their just to find out their shut down or too different from the other good wills i’ve read blogs on.

        • They are open as of 2/1/19. They have 42 bins total, two with books never rotate. They also have a wall of shelves with bins and a couple shelves with “quality” electronics. They price clothing 1.49 a pound and wares, shoes, accessories, purses, dolls, toys, electronics separately. If they think it’s a name brand they will pull it out of your bag and charge you $5 or more. You won’t know til you get to the register. IF you are looking for a big haul of name brand clothing to resell this isn’t the place. There are a few treasures to be found and lots of local pickers and people who just spend the day for fun. It’s crowded, and you should expect people to bring their carts down the aisles and even block the aisles with them.

          • Seriously?! Have you had that happen to you? I’m planning a trip from N Alabama, but this is making me second-guess my plans…

          • Hi o. Possum, do you remember if this Goodwill sells glassware? The regular Goodwills rarely have anything I like which is the old stuff like vintage and depression glass. I wasn’t sure if the outlet would have stuff like that since it’s bins or whatever.

            Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  1. Would love an outlet somewhere around Montgomery, Inverness, or even Sylacauga! This is the closest outlet to me and it’s almost five hours away.
    Alternatively a location in Louisiana around Slidell or Hammond!

  2. Lisa P. Yep, had that happen more than once. Pickings are slim and some people get a tad pushy. I only live an hour away, so its not a whole day wasted for me, but I have been there and come up empty ESPECIALLY on a weekend day. They basically have deadstock from two different local Easterseals stores and some on-site donations (usually those are the rain soaked ones….) Some days they barely rotate the bins, and never after 4 (they close at 6).

    Some pricing because it’s asked on another page. $1.49 pound clothing. $1 each for bras, hats, belts. Fake Coach purse $10. Vera Bradley wallet $10, change purse $5, trashed actual purse $10 and up (they have a Vera thing). Fossil and other “non brand” purses $2.50 (I scored one in decent shape). Shoes $2,50 each unless it’s a “name brand” i.e. Nike. (They don’t know UGG from Faded Glory and I have scored two pairs of UGGs). IF you’re a reseller or brand conscious and you know your brands, you might get lucky, but mostly it’s Walmart and Catos crap. Wares are .79, toys are $$ but I don’t remember what exactly. I paid $5 for a Furby. It is a very dirty bins compared to some I’ve seen on YouTube.

  3. I was planning a trip there while I am in Alabama, but not now. Thank you so much for saving me a day, o.possum.

  4. It’s not often that I get a day free to run around since I brought my dad home for hospice care but tomorrow someone is coming to stay with him all day so I’ve decided to try to visit all of our Goodwills starting with the outlet. ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป

    I’ve read some crazy stuff about bins in bigger cities and the few videos I’ve seen remind me of shoppers on black friday when Walmart opens. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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