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San Deigo California Goodwill Outlet Center, Electronics Store and Donation Center

6655 Camino Maquiladora, San Diego, CA 92154

(619) 428-7776

The Goodwill Outlet Center, Electronics Store, and Donation Center in San Diego, California, is a multifaceted establishment that serves both shoppers and those looking to make contributions while supporting a good cause. Aligned with Goodwill's overarching mission of providing job training and employment opportunities, this center offers a dual service. Shoppers can explore a wide variety of affordable items, including electronics, making it a top destination for budget-conscious individuals and tech enthusiasts. Simultaneously, the donation center provides a convenient location for local residents to make contributions, supporting the organization's mission of job training and employment opportunities for individuals in need. This dual approach not only promotes responsible consumption but also plays a vital role in positively impacting the lives of people in the area. The San Diego Goodwill Outlet Center, Electronics Store, and Donation Center is a dynamic and community-oriented destination, fostering both thrifty shopping practices and community support.


8:00 - 2:30


8:00 - 2:30


8:00 - 2:30


8:00 - 2:30


8:00 - 2:30


8:00 - 1:30



San Deigo California Goodwill Outlet Pay By the Pound Store
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