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Connecticut Goodwill Outlet Store

Connecticut Goodwill Outlet Stores

2901 State Street
Hamden, CT 06517


  • (203) 248-1600


Opening hours

Monday9:00 - 6:00
Tuesday9:00 - 6:00
Wednesday9:00 - 6:00
Thursday9:00 - 9:00
Friday9:00 - 9:00
Saturday9:00 - 6:00
Sunday9:00 - 6:00
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  1. I was at the outlet store today. There was a dresser on the side wall I was interested in with an orange star with a price of $19.99. I was all excited. I pushed it out and was going to load it onto a dolly to purchase it. The female manager came over towards me saw the dresser and said it just came in and it was the wrong price and tore off the sticker and walked away. I was not happy. She didn’t even give me a chance to ask the real price. I told her on the way out since that was the case that I was no longer interested.
    I have spent hundreds of dollars there purchasing furniture over the past three years since I found out about this store.
    There was another piece of furniture I was interested in that has sat there for at least 10 days that is damaged and missing a part asking an outrageous price. Yesterday I tried to ask someone about the price because it sat there so long and the price for what it was was still way too high. You get the things for free. Don’t you want to sell them for a reasonable price someone would pay?

    • That Hamden outlet is a waste of time. I’m so sorry to hear about your experience . Orther custermer have seen a lot of bad issue taking place there. Case in point the 4 people that walked out with out paying for those 99cent tvs that they stole . Not worth the time going to that goodwill outlet in Hamden ct.

  2. I was there the Orther day and was in shock how nasty filthy the place is. The restrooms have not been clean in many years looks like a latrin . They just piss all over the floors . People there look nasty as well all recycle . they act like animals when the blue bins came out they stay there for hours like if that place was a public park eating food inside and throwing it after done on the sales floor . They bring there children and leave them to run all over the place and throwing toys and trash every were . Fist Fighting hair pulling over used trash the air inside the store heavy from dust and the air filter clogged. the parking lot there’s garbage and broken glass all over I would not recommend this place

  3. Went for the first, and last, time this past weekend. Place is gross. Incredibly dirty, bins not even close to being organized. Just plain nasty. You need a shower after you leave. I was so disappointed!

  4. 4 people went inside the store and stole 2 used 99cent flat screen television and walked out without paying for them .I bet your that does tv’s didn’t even worked . a store employee played the hero and was assaulted by being punched on the face that’s how many low class people that go there act over trash that was freely given to good will. the hamden police is still investigating this matter . the CEO of this company needs to make changes there and hire a security guard since this place is a free for all and have the rest room clean they have not been for many years and they are nasty and bring in New staff there that can do the job rite .

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