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Tennessee Goodwill Outlet Store Locations

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780 Berry Rd
Nashville, TN 37204


  • 615-346-1600


Opening hours

Monday9:00 - 8:00
Tuesday9:00 - 8:00
Wednesday9:00 - 8:00
Thursday9:00 - 8:00
Friday9:00 - 8:00
Saturday9:00 - 8:00
Sunday11:00 - 8:00
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3321 Dodds Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37407


  • (423) 664-8978


Opening hours

Monday8:00 - 6:00
Tuesday8:00 - 6:00
Wednesday8:00 - 6:00
Thursday8:00 - 6:00
Friday8:00 - 6:00
Saturday8:00 - 6:00
Sunday12:00 - 6:00
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  1. I live in near a Goodwill Outlet store in Hernando, Ms. The store recently started placing items in tote boxes inside the blue rolling bins they commonly have in the store, making it difficult for older, short or otherwise challenged people to shop at the store. Everything in the store but furniture, glass, shoes, books and clothing is stuffed down inside totes. When asked about it, the store manager said it was a recent “corporate decision” and all outlet stores are now doing this. Is this true? If so I think it is a big mistake on the part of Goodwill Industries from a retailer point of view. I watched during my last three visits as people struggled to shop, the merchandise was not moving through the store as quickly as it usually does because not as much could be stocked out the floor, and I can say I left with a scant amount when I usually leave with a half to full basket each and every trip…which many times I go several times in a day as I pass by.

    If you do not have this as a corporate policy, I would like a number I could call or a way to contact someone and let them know this is happening in our area and is a detriment to sales and their customer.

    • Rhonda, I discovered a Goodwill Outlet in Little Rock, AR approx. 2 weeks ago. They had huge open bins (reminded me of flat bottom boats but much larger) all over the place full of stuff. Due to the depth of the bins it could be challenging for someone in a wheelchair (esp due to narrow aisles) but a short person shouldn’t have major difficulty.

      I’ve never been to one of these before until accidentally discovering the one mentioned above.

      Hope that info helps.

      • Yes I have heard that LR ones are good. I have heard that St Louis is even better but you do have to cover your carts with sheets so people don’t pick out of your items. 🙂

    • Wow I can’t even imagine the hoard you’ve accumulated going several times a day filling your cart good grief

  2. Be careful when standing in line at the Nashville outlet!!!! Arguing pushing and cutting line is the norm.. the store manager just laughed when told of the issue. They need a camera watching the line before opening. I thought it would get better with time…. nope… getting worse as more people are being hired to come and sorce Shoes for two or three people. Help!!! Make this a better experience for new ones coming in..

  3. There is a goodwill store, not an outlet, in Indiana that has everything in either big blue bins or on big tables. Things are just thrown around between the 2. I usually only go in for house hold items on the shelves or larger items on the floor. One time I was going through some clothes and a mouse was in the bottom of the blue bin. Never again.

  4. I’m a frequent customer of the Nashville goodwill bins and I’ve found the biggest issue to be management allowing shopping carts to be used as blockades by groups of Hispanic families who gather around the newly brought out bins waiting for the go signal. Then once it’s given they all proceed to scoop vast amounts into various shopping carts blocking other people trying to get to the bins. There’s no sorting, just greedy and violent scooping, wrenching things from others hands in the process. I find this appalling and extremely bad form by customer and management. At other locations all carts are only allowed to be parked along the walls so they can’t be used in this manner of block, scoop, and dump. It’s ONLY the Hispanic families that do this and it’s extremely infuriating as I’m Hispanic (Spain) and find this mortifying behavior. Everyone else is always so nice and friendly. I’ll be bringing along my brother in law next time to scope things out as he’s an I.C.E. agent because I’m quite sick of this situation as are other good customers since management refuses to do anything. If I’m literally buying 65-70lbs per visit I don’t appreciate a brawl while shopping. Unacceptable Goodwill.

    • I have been to the Nashville bins several times. I find it appalling as well that they will allow these groups of people to just scoop up loads of clothes at a time. I have never seen anyone say anything to them about doing this. I find it hard to shop and it shouldn’t be that way. Something needs to be done about it. I am glad I am not the only one that finds this behavior infuriating. Thanks for making a comment Sheryl.

    • Wow this is an incredibly ignorant and racist post. “It’s ONLY the Hispanic families that do this”…….and you’re going to bring an ICE agent to the goodwill bins? You are a bad person.

      • Sorry, not being a bad person or being racist, just the truth! This happens elsewhere, such as Salinas, Ca. Not been to Nashville in a while, so don’t know about that location. Salinas was the worst experience we’ve had at the various locations we’ve shopped at.
        Not all, but they are very rude and throw things everywhere, especially the floor.
        No need to go off about ICE, not even appropriate.

      • Did you miss the part about her being Hispanic herself and finding this behavior mortifying? Somehow it’s ignorant and racist for her to relate her experience, but it’s OK for you to call her a bad person based on one paragraph? How is this logical?

      • Kait, she made the statement as a Hispanic person herself. You really should read the entire comment before getting upset.

        BTW, I’m not Hispanic. I do speak Spanish fluently, and have spent a large portion of my life with Hispanic people. I love Hispanic people! They’ve been my students, my patients, and my friends. One of my sons is Hispanic. He joined our family through adoption.

        There are wonderful people in every race. And, unfortunately, there are trashy or abusive people in every race, as well.
        Skin color, nor race, determines which they’ll choose to be.

        I hope you learn from this, so that it will help you interact with others more successfully, in the future. ❤️

  5. I see the scooping of clothing in Indianapolis, and it’s by African immigrants, and they work together in large numbers to scoop and the sort amongst each other, then toss back the rags. There is still opportunity to find items, but definitely not for the faint of heart.

  6. We have the same things happening in Colorado. Much of the merchandise is being taken to Mexico. I have to say MOST of them are somewhat polite but other are not. I am considering moving and I will miss my local outlet, hopefully I can find another one so I can fill the new house up.
    Good luck everyone and Happy Hunting.

  7. Any feeback on Chatanooga location, I’m from Orlando and used to go to the Orlando outlet store which was pretty good minus the crowds and scooping.

    • Hi Cori- I’m visiting Chattanooga and was just in the goodwill outlet today. I do a lot of thrifting and I was underwhelmed. The pickings were slim. There was quite a scuffle when new bins were brought out although other shoppers were nice enough and the staff was very friendly.
      Hope this helps!

    • I viaited Chattanooga last week and it was nearly empty. Only bins full had toys and books.

      Almost no clothing and very low on shoes.

      I get better deals at local thirift stores in Knoxvill area.

      I will not return to Chattanooga; not enough merchandise to make the trip.

  8. I find the deep large bins are not accessible
    to short people. Actually it is discriminating
    to avid thrift store people short in height.

  9. Go to the mall! Sick! So sick! You are Racists as hell! Go to hell too! The day we die! We all go to the same place!
    See u there! Stop to be a racist!!!
    God, grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can And the wisdom to know the difference. AMEN!!!!!

  10. I have been to the Tuscon one and this is not a racist comment it is a fact that 90% are people coming up from Sonora Mexico. Check the car license plates they have trucks full going over the roof racks that they have handmade. they are standing outside packing suitcases to go back into Mexico that look like they’ve been on vacation I don’t know who takes 50 suitcases on vacation but whatever. For some reason they love hangers they take boxes and boxes of hangers and go nuts over them when they can get 10 for a dollar at Walmart it’s actually cheaper to buy them at Walmart. they’re paid to stuff their baskets with the money they supposedly don’t have as their supposedly poor in Mexico and then they do block you and you have to counter block them just to get clothing for your children which is pretty sickening . And just to let you know my daughter is part Hispanic and I am by no means racist.also I have been to the Phoenix one much better organization there much friendlier people the staff in Phoenix and the staff in Tucson are great though they will work with you if people are being rude. I have been to the one in Asheville with no issues whatsoever but slim pickings there or as Tucson is pretty good but pretty dirty and Phoenix has tons to offer. Can always tell you that the staff is always pleasant and any one of the locations that I’ve been to not only that I find to be a very fun concept as the retail locations are way overpriced $10 for used pair of jeans when I can go to Walmart 11 and buy a brand new pair?? Not only that they’ll be Levi’s and I can try them on and return them if they don’t fit. Unlike the goodwills nothing ever seems to fit just right

  11. So sick of these Hispanic bullies!! Thankfully, Trump will have that wall up before long and they won’t be able to smuggle themselves and their filth into this country any longer. We have tried being nice and allowing them here and look what they have done. They have no idea how to act in a civilized society and badger American citizens. Using carts to barricade themselves in so they get all of the stuff is completely unacceptable behavior. Sheryl, I urge your brother in law, the ICE agent, as a matter of fact, bring the whole team of agents and put them all on a boat out of here.

    • You’re trolling, right? You’re not really serious…are you? Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a stranger is being sarcastic, or if they really mean the hatefulness.

    • The Stage Rd. Goodwill location in Memphis has an outlet store to the side of its building. Sometimes it doesn’t show up on Goodwill Outlet lists because it’s called “The Bargain Barn” and not a Goodwill outlet. Clothes are $1.75 a pound and all other item prices are listed on signs on the wall. I buy the majority of our kitchen items there because glassware is only 25 cents a piece. Some glassware is in bins, but it’s usually wrapped in t-shirts to prevent breakage and some glassware is displayed on shelves along the wall. I live about an hour away, but try to visit at least once a month. Like any day thrifting, sometimes you luck up on a goldmine and sometimes it’s a bust. The rude behavior others have commented about in this thread isn’t commonplace at the Bargain Barn. People are generally nice and rude or inconsiderate behavior is typically not tolerated by the staff.

  12. Hispanics and blacks have ruined the nashville outlet. The illegals act like savages, stealing things right from your hands, and the ignorant black manager hates whites in general and thinks it is what we deserve. Me and my daughter will no longer be going to the nashville outlet. Just not a good place to shop due to all the low iq ignorance and swarms of illegals.

    • It is pure ignorance, selfishness, and inconsiderate when I read some of these posts. In the first place, there are lots of goodwill stores to shop, the clothes are there so that less priviledged can get them. If people are categorized place on where they come from and skin color even in buying goodwill clothings, there is need for deep thinking of how we see our fellow humanbeing. The stores have never been empty, so you definitely need people to scope through and buy the clothing and provide employment for less the priviledge. You can buy and decide not to buy, the world does not revolve around one individual, one day the hatred, racist, pride will all end , we come with nothing and we will all certainly go with nothing.

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