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What You'll Learn
in This eBook

How Does Goodwill Outlet Work?

Learn what happens from the day item's get donated to Goodwill, when they are sent to the Outlet store, and what happens to items from there.

Goodwill Outlet Pricing

Learn about what items cost at The Bins and tips to make sure you're paying the best pricing possible.

How to Shop at the Bins

Learn step-by-step what happens when you shop at a Goodwill Outlet and all the rules. If you've never been to an Outlet Store, this will help you know what to expect on your first trip.

Goodwill Outlet Store Secrets

Learn all the secrets to having safe and successful shopping trip at Goodwill Outlet Stores. We share 11 of our best tips for making sure you get the most of out the trip.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Successfully Shopping at the Goodwill Outlet Bins

Shopping at a Goodwill Outlet Store is an experience unlike any other thrift store you’ve ever shopped at.

About The Authors

We have made multiple trips to our local Goodwill Outlet Store and learned a lot about making the most out of each trip. We’re also eBay sellers, so our goal each time was to find profitable items that we could resell (although every time we home home with stuff for us too). We hope you find this eBook helpful as we share our Goodwill Outlet experience. In fact, we also share some of our real finds and how much we sold them for on eBay!

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